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Professional organisers, management and agencies

We are here for you regardless of what phase your project is in.

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Since 2010, Nabunya AS has worked with some of Norway´s leading TV productions, festivals, and rising entertainers. 

Nabunya AS was founded in 2010 by Miriam Nabunya. It has now grown from a consultancy to a subcontractor agency. During the past 10 years, Nabunya has worked with some of Norway's most beloved music- and arts festivals such as Øya festival, Molde Jazz festival, Mela festival, Miniøya, to mention a few.

Our extremely experienced management team and production planners offer advice and practical assistance with the following services >>


& Production

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VIP-services are particularly suitable for the organizer, management and agency that wishes to provide a desirable full 360-wellness service experience for their act or event’s headliner(s) or keynote speaker(s). >>

VIP Hospitality

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With our in-house trained super-crew, we are known for our exceptional service, calmness, experience and expertise in all logistical, planning and execution phases >>



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“Nabunya AS represents the industry of the future — they are proactive, progressive and fearless, while at the same time ensuring quality and taking the job seriously. They are pleasant to work with, are clear and direct and have a lot of humour — so it never gets boring!”

— Ane H. Kiran, previous managing director, AKKS Norge


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