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Gain the confidence to take action inspired by your inner voice

Golden Steel Plate

Hi, I am Miriam.
A coach and champion of women
who need to take inspired action.

So, let me ask you...

Do you need to develop a stronger inner connection and are not sure how to do it?
Pensive Freelancer
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities and obligations you have and want to create structure out of your chaos?
Stressed Woman
Have you always wanted to be more confident but didn’t know where to start?
Image by Autumn Goodman

If you answered YES,
then you are ready for someone who is devoted to you, and devoted to helping you take
Inspired Action for a life of inner peace and productivity.

Are you ready to be inspired by your future opportunities, rather than weighed down by your past choices?

"If you are looking for a dynamic coach to remind you of your true self, then Miriam is the right person. She will awaken the little voice in your heart that has been yearning to be heard. I guarantee, that with Miriam's help you will finally find your inner connection and start trusting that little voice. It’s a life changing experience."

Halima Namubiru.jpg

Halima Namubiru, Social worker

HF9A2113 copy.jpg

"Miriam has been my support system since I embarked on the journey of carving out a space for my artistic practice in the Norwegian art scene. I have experienced her as a firm, reliable, grounded, experienced and knowledgeable coach. She is attentive, patient and calm when necessary.


Her analytical skills and ability to ask critical questions have been extremely valuable to me. Miriam is comfortable with stepping outside of her comfort zone, in order to hit a target. She is tough, direct, motivational and nurturing. Miriam Nabunya is a force to be reckoned with and a resource worth having on your team. "

Nicole Rafiki.png

Nicole Rafiki, artist and curator


The Inspired Blog

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Golden Steel Plate

Talks & Masterclasses

Miriam Nabunya uses custom made tools, and shares stories of challenge and success to inspire action either digitally or in-person.

Miriam Nabunya Pres pic 1.jpg

The Inspired Action 12 week program

  • Identifying what you really want

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs

  • Reshaping your reality

  • Raising your vibration

  • Taking action towards your desires and goals

  • Strengthening your inner connection

  • Activating your feminine energy

  • Maintaining forward momentum

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