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- Why this "new" holiday is important for decreasing your anxiousness and bettering your self-confidence.

The contraductive holiday that has been praised by millennial women since it`s debute in 2010.

Galentine's Day, formed by a blend of gal and Valentine's Day, is a day in which women celebrate their female friendships.

The origin of the terminology

"The new holiday debuted in a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation. After that 2010 debut, the word was mentioned in episodes that aired in 2012 and 2014, and by 2016 evidence of the word’s appeal was starting to show up in national and international publications, as people everywhere embraced the very idea of a holiday for celebrating friendships," Merriam Webster continues.

Valentine`s Day vs Galentine`s Day

Well, we all probably feel a small angst when it comes to Valentine's day as it is worldly commercialized to remind us of romantical love and if you have it or not in your life. This making women start doubting their lovelife and men to pursue women just to feel less lonely. It gives me a nasty taste in my mouth just by writing this, but it doesn't make it less true.

According to a resent artical by Health & Wellness Writer Cathy Cassata for, clinical psychologist and director of behavioral health at Hims & Hers, Beth Pausic, says;

“- There has always been an intense amount of societal pressure placed on Valentine’s Day and especially so for single people. All aspects of our social lives have been altered in the last two years, making it very challenging to date(...)”

"So if you're single this Valentine's Day, experts recommend taking a moment to recognize all the challenges you've faced in the past two years and choosing to be kind to yourself," Cassata writes.

Here is why Galentine`s Day can take the edge off all these Hallmark holiday talk.

It's no secret that many people have a love-hate kind of relationship with Valentine’s Day because to be honest sis: this holiday is, at its root, disparaged as a manufactured holiday foisted upon us by greeting card companies, and often a sense that it’s only for people who are romantically paired, making it feel rooted in exclusion. All of which sets the stage perfectly for Galentine’s Day. That’s right!

a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends. It’s Valentine’s Day with your gals and it`s celebrated on Feb. 13(today) each year.

Many have accepted the holiday as a day to hang out with best friends — regardless of gender. A Galentine’s Day celebration can include all genders and all of those that you adore.

How to celebrate Galentine's Day You might be the type of girlfriend that always celebrates your friendships as a norm, and if so- Yeeaasss sis! More of that. But if you are not, I urge you to take time out today and connect with one of your girls, sisters, mother, aunties or just your mixed tribe. You decide. As long as they are your people.

Catch up. Enjoy a nice meal. Share your focus for 2022 or just watch a movie, go ice skating, heck! have a digital party and enjoy each other`s company. Really, no activity is off limits.

My favorite way of celebrating friendship or any moment or relationship I cherish is through sharing a meal. Brunch, dinner or a snacky catch up.

Doesn`t matter, because there is something magical that takes place when dining with your people.

It might be the longest meal because of all of the laughters, dance breaks and the "let the Pictures by: Ileana Alvares Reyes

food digest"- phase of the whole soiree. Absolutely amazing. If this is you as well, then girl, start texting and make it happen.

Celebrate Galentine`s Day more often

Between being a self-made - highly educated- goal oriented- healthy- minded - activist- adventurous- partner- caring daughter- supportive sister & friend- mother- and a career focused independent millennial woman, life can become a bit overwhelming. Sis, you need to give yourself a break and start making plans that honor YOUR needs.

Further down in Cathy Cassata`s piece, LCSW, psychotherapist Gina Moffa, says when commenting the anxiousness that these Hallmark seasons might bring on.

"make plans that feel nourishing, see friends who you are deeply connected to, celebrate the positive things in your life, and remember that being in a relationship does not equal ‘success’ or ‘happiness’ or ‘wholeness."

Myself and my girlfriends try to meet up and celebrate us once every month, it`s not always easy but we all understand the importance of our sisterly connection in a grind culture that we`ve, collectively, been exposed to as mankind`s first digital natives.

Moffa continues,

"- surround yourself with people who value you and make you feel loved and cared about. Even if it's virtual. Connection is connection.”

Staying connected to people who not only value you but also know you, will nourish your self-image, decrease your anxiousness and help maintain your self-confidence.

I wish you a happy Galentine`s Day sis and happy Norwegian mother`s day to all of you mamas out there.

Gratitude & Love,


Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In swedish we have an expression or maybe it’s just an ancient theological term, but anyway, it goes something like; « Hoppet är det sista som lämnar människan, men också det första som behövs för den som vill leva.»

Meaning that;

«Hope is the last thing that abandons a man’s mind, but also the first thing that’s needed for he who wants to live.»

Why hope and why now?

We have all lived through 2020 right!?Just checking. In one way or another, we have all experienced the trying events of the past year in every cell of our bodies. It’s been collectively tough! It felt like every time we were getting the hang of the situation, some new thing happened. It felt like for every step forward, we took three backwards, it’s been exhausting.

I really want to share some ideas about transformation and the advantages of keeping hope as a catalyst for change and humbleness this year.

When Covid-19 reared its head in our societies in mid-march of 2020, we panicked. We all panicked in our own ways.

We were further forced to live online where we developed an ever increasing need for material things, friendship, love, and we sought solutions to our current problems, and asked ourselves IF one day, our departure from this world would be thought of as a loss.

At the beginning of every year, suicide rates increase as life circumstances lead many people to lose all hope and as a result are driven to take their own life, hoping to be freed from the torment.

The feeling of becoming a stranger in our own lives, in the world, and in our own bodies by being deprived of our God-given rights as free men and women is a novel phenomenon for our generation.

Fortunately, as we go into 2021, some of us have taken a good look at our lives and realized that not everything has been going according to plan. Somewhere between each press conference, losing our jobs, home schooling, working remotely and keeping up with necessary daily tasks, we got diverted from our intended paths in life.

Therefore, I ask that you keep hope, please.

Keep it because your life depends on it. If you are a parent, keep it because your children depend on it. Keep it because your sanity depends on it. And most importantly, keep it and allow your circumstances to transform you.

This year, together with changes in our attitude towards ourselves, we shall thrive in spite of our external circumstances, and we shall give ourselves new standards by which to live the life that we long to live.

I truly, truly wish you a transformational 2021.

Gratitude & Love,


Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Below I have listed ten types of friendships that have helped me to fully step into my true self and live the life that I am so incredibly grateful to have today. I hope they can help you get to know your tribe more and that you may even find yourself on the list:-).

1. The True Ride-or-Die

This person is with you without you even having to ask. She also sees you as somewhat of her moral compass. She is always honest with you even when it hurts, the most important thing is that you know that it is not her intention to hurt you, quite the opposite. She sets everything aside to help you in your time of need and takes you to your word. She is the one who has been through thick and thin with you and will always be in your life; she's your soul sister. You can call her at any time of the day, and she will surely be the godmother to your first child.

2. The independent "hustler"

She is entrepreneurial, inspiring, has her future goals in place and always reminds you of the beautiful and exciting aspects of your life whenever time you start comparing your lives. She is extremely resourceful, fanatically disciplined and is the second person you think of (after your mother / other mother figures) when you hear the word «role model». She is definitely your first stop to talk about your goals and dreams because she will connect you to all the right people and can give you tips on how to get that “upgrade” or “good deal” anywhere, and at any time.

3. The straight-to-the-point

This one is straight to the point and calls a spade a spade. She's a bit like Samantha in "Sex and the City" or Sadé in "An African City." She always has a different perspective on things and always encourages us to learn from our mistakes, to continue to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Easily misunderstood by many yet you know that she is never out to be rude or hurtful, rather, her actions are out of care or justice. She is the perfect "wing-woman".

4. The optimistic cheerleader

This friend's favourite word is "Yes" and sees the positive in most things. She is the one you can always count on for words of encouragement at any time, she is a good listener and she supports all your hopes and dreams, even the crazy ones. She can be a bit conflict shy.

5. The nurturing friend

Very protective, caring and encouraging, whether she is younger or older than you, she is wise beyond her years. She always has something edible to share in case yours or her blood sugar level drops and would easily give you her umbrella if it started to rain and just say that she is made of grit.

6. The Yolo ( this one is somewhat of the joker in the deck)

She knows several party tricks, she can make you laugh until you pee yourself, can get your names on the A-list without even trying, and she has an inexhaustible library of funny stories. She usually has as many guy friends as girl friends and she can make you shift your focus when it feels like everything else is going to hell, she drives you to step out of your comfort zone and break some rules. She is usually an outdoor enthusiast.

7. The unique friendship

She is usually introverted and you share belly- aching- laughter, time disappears when you have your intellectual conversations and she is usually very caring and loyal. You usually meet her alone because she is very private and uses social media just because she has family and friends that live far away that she wants to keep in touch with. She is probably spiritual and often prays for you, your health, your situation and your goals.

8. The one you are forever trying to break up with

The one with bad influences, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. She is not someone you want showing up at your job because she can often be self absorbed and sometimes makes you feel inferior. You have a theory that she is like that because of her own insecurities and deep down you may feel a little sorry for her.

9. The mum

She was born to be a mother or was probably «The Yolo- friend» before she became a mother and it has become the only role she associates herself with. She is caring, comes out for a glass or two a few times a year and then you have a lot of fun together. She is almost impossible to get on a girl's trip, but she is more than happy to follow via Instagram when the children are asleep. She was / is your parent's favourite friend for you because she has always been a voice of reasoning and has kept you out of trouble and other drama.

10. The travel friend

This friend is flexible, solution-oriented and believes life is at its richest when she is in new environments. She is usually culturally intelligent, easy to get along with both in conversation and in silence. She may have been a girl scout when she was younger.

No matter how you became or become friends, you should know that a friend with a different nationality, culture, age, background, interest, education or outlook on life will expand your worldview and enrich your life in ways you could never have imagined. Never forget that we become just like the five people we surround ourselves with.

Gratitude & Love,

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