Since 2010, Managing Director and Founder Miriam Nabunya has worked with some of Norway´s leading TV productions, festivals, and rising entertainers.

With almost 10 years in the entertainment industry, NABUNYA has, through demand, expanded to include a Consultancy and Management department. Our consulting work helps millennial entrepreneurs, organisations, and companies. Our artist management services are for both (B2B), and for established artists as well as up- and- coming stars.

NABUNYA is known for «saving» ongoing productions/ projects that have hit a dead end regardless of its phase- a task that has proven hard to some. We are recognized for our incredible calmness, experience, and expertise in all situations and our key role in the delivery of success amongst all of our past partnerships.

All NABUNYA clients are served with a work ethic and culture based on precision, fun, and accountability.


We aim to work with any company, organizations and artists that we feel align with our goals and skill sets. We want to make sure that each of our partnership are mutually beneficial and we base success on measurable results.


Every partnership starts with a vision. Getting stuff done with precision, fun, and accountability is not always easy. I live for the grind and for making creative and yet, realistic, solutions for companies, organizations and artists. Together we create a success roadmap for their careers or projects. 



NABUNYA - Consultancy, Productions & Management is a by- product of living the good and ill of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, which I call the grind. Throughout the years, I have managed to crack some codes that I share through different platforms to equip millennials and make creative, yet realistic, solutions for companies, organizations and artists that are unsure of how to realize the success of their careers or projects without the major health or budget risks that normally follow with project work.


The original NABUNYA came to life in 2010 as a result of doors constantly shutting in my face when i wanted to get into the entertainment industry, but back then under the name «Nabunya Promotions». With 12 year´s work experience and a college degree from leadership and service industry, I set off to start my own company because nobody would hire me nor let me intern.






I speak about entrepreneurship, personal development, and work-related mental illness. Despite being an upcoming speaker, I´ve delivered powerful and engaging talks online, to groups as small as ten, and in front of over 300 real estate developers and their clients at Tjuvholmen, Oslo. 

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Strategic ideas/ planning/ execution and evaluation for YOUR project – I’m all about generating unique yet cost friendly ideas because I know what it’s like to work under pressure and within a budget. Let’s think this through together.

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