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My Story

I would like to start where many sagas of transformation and awakening start and that is at rock bottom.

I was in my late twenties, running my own company within entertainment and culture.
I was experiencing the greatest, at that time, growth in revenues since starting the company seven years prior. I had just met my soulmate and was starting to get much well deserved recognition in my field.
You are probably thinking,
How is all of this ‘Rock bottom’?

The saga continues.
After seven years of multiple jobs, further education in order to feed into my own business, I experienced an entrepreneurial burnout that led to my first experience with depression and anxiety.
I turned to different destructive behaviours in order to get through the days, silence the never-ending noise in my head and numb the inner pain I felt all the time.

One night after crying myself to sleep, I woke up to a bursting knock on my door, which to me was a sign of urgency or maybe even a life-threatening situation, so I just opened without checking who it was. It was a deranged acquaintance of my neighbour, who proceeded to kick in my door and beat me in my own home.
This became my rock bottom and shortly after I lost the sense of my existence.
Burning Rose
To top it all off, one of my siblings fell into a coma, which forced me to travel back and forth between two countries keeping my family together while maintaining my weekly therapy sessions for treatment of depression and anxiety.
6 months went by, I was making progress and I finally started to look forward to coming back to a more balanced lifestyle, and the next big tragedy hit.
One of my best friends got diagnosed with a deadly case of kidney failure and he started fighting for his life.
This planted a new kind of fear and tension inside me that words couldn’t explain at the time.
All of these events and the natural need to be there for the people I love led to me finding an out-of-body strength that I never knew I could possess. I chose to, yet again, stand up.
This time around I noticed something new, I had changed. Due to all of my past and almost, life-shattering experiences I now embodied, I got stronger and my spiritual enlightenment had but just started. I had hope, but most of all, I truly believed that I could make a difference for the people I love without neglecting my own health.
I offered to get tested in hope of being a kidney match and help save the life of a friend turned brother, because I feared the thought of continuing to live my life knowing that he never really got the chance to fully live out his. It just wasn’t right in my heart.
Two years of medical testing and research, the results led to an eye-opening happy ending- I was a match. I was the kind of match that got the doctors to question whether my friend and I were siblings that had got separated as children.
I donated a kidney to one of the kindest people that I have ever met, and my life changed forever.
Miriam_Nabunya portrett 3.jpg
I felt empowered, confident and wealthy.
After many years of sporadic coaching and mentoring, I now knew that I wanted to pursue a dedicated and professional path on helping others, especially millennial women, to feel the same way. I wanted to make a positive impact in their lives through my coaching.
But before I could serve others the way I had many times in the past, I knew that I first needed to work on myself. What has followed has been a beautiful process of self-discovery as I have grown along my own spiritual journey, healed, visualised a balanced lifestyle, nurtured my soul, transformed my mindset and ultimately strengthened the relationship I had with myself.
I got all the resources and support I needed along the way, knowing that stepping into my fullest potential was not something I could have achieved alone.
Mi_sent-29 — kopia.jpg
The indisputable wealths I have in my life today are amazing
  • I have a natural source of gratitude and joy that I’ve never experienced before.
  • I have designed a peaceful life that I dreamt about as a little girl.
  • I have the body of my dreams.
  • I have built two thriving businesses and I’m now pursuing my third one.
  • I have a wonderful and professional team that sees and understands my vision built on respect and compassion.
  • I am no longer willing to settle for less than what I know I deserve .
Since making these transformations, I knew I wanted others to go through the same transformation that I had and so invested lots of time, energy and money into deepening my wisdom further, fine-tuning my coaching gifts and expanding into my ability to heal.
Now, my greatest passion lies in helping other millennial women allow themselves to fulfil their desires and live to their fullest potential by strengthening their self-worth, transforming their mindset and claiming the abundant life they are truly destined for.

Alongside being a Mindset, confidence and life Coach, I’m also running Nabunya A/S, an agency dedicated to serving professional organisers, management and agents through offering tailor-made services in project and process management.

I love lifting weights, cooking, business development and the Norwegian nature….although sometimes I prefer the Ugandan sun.
Welcome to The Nabunya tribe.
Love, Gratitude & Faith
Are you ready to be inspired by your future opportunities, rather than weighed down by your past choices?
Golden Steel Plate

Talks & Masterclasses

Miriam Nabunya uses custom made tools, and shares stories of challenge and success to inspire action either digitally or in-person.

VISION pgm.png

The V.I.S.I.O.N 

  • Identifying what you really want

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs

  • Reshaping your reality

  • Raising your vibration

  • Taking action towards your desires and goals

  • Strengthening your inner connection

  • Activating your feminine energy

  • Maintaining forward momentum

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