Do you have difficulty taking Inspired Action?

Did you know that by NOT taking inspired action


you feel burned out,

your sense of well-being suffers,

you feel that reaching your goals becomes more difficult.

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Meet Miriam

My name is Miriam, and I am committed to helping you take Inspired Action. 

I will help you find your inner connection with ease, for a more inspired, aligned and productive life.


Once I learned to take Inspired Action I became highly functional 

  • yet I felt good and at ease

  • I was able to reach my desires with joy rather than stress

  • I found that I was able to manage my responsibilities and decision making with inner authority and clarity.

Today I have an overall greater sense of peace and productivity!

These are the priceless results of the Inspired Action 12 week program.

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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities you have?

  • Are you looking to create structure out of your chaos?

  • Do you need to develop a stronger inner connection and not sure where to start?

  • Are you ready to be inspired by your future opportunities, rather than weighed down by your past actions?

  • Are you ready for someone who is devoted to you and devoted to helping you take Inspired Action for a life of inner peace and productivity?

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< add mini-story here relating to the objection about time >



1. TIME:

a. I want to attend but the time is inconvenient 

i. Prior to starting the program, we agree what time is most convenient for you with consideration to timezone and time of day.

ii. The modules are pre-recorded so that you can access them at your own time, and the group sessions are recorded for your lifetime access.

< add mini-story here relating to the objection about coaches >


a. There are so many coaches out there today, what makes you different

i. Everything I have developed in the program has been tested and results proven by me personally applying them to my own life.

ii. I am not your traditional theoretical coach who's just focused on inspiring and motivating you. Yes, I inspire you, and  I am deeply focused on equipping you with practical and applicable tools and solutions to help you take action.

iii. My 18 years of experience and background in art and culture management (Norway), hospitality and leadership (Sweden, France and Norway) and the Ugandan cultural heritage has given me an international perspective and cultural understanding. 


< add mini-story here relating to the objection about money >



a. I want to but I am afraid I won't be able to afford the program.

i. I really understand that and that’s why I also offer a payment plan of xyz

b. If you are not able to invest in yourself at that level yet, I have “the Inspired Action: Set In Motion 90min offer”. $ 397 USD

c. I understand that there can be a lot of fears that arise concerning money and you finally want to invest in yourself, that’s why I created “The break free from your fears” mini masterclass which I give you access to at the end of our discovery call.

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"Miriam has been my support system since I embarked on the journey of carving out a space for my artistic practice in the Norwegian art scene. I have experienced her as a firm, reliable, grounded, experienced and knowledgeable coach. She is attentive, patient and calm when necessary. Her analytical skills and ability to ask critical questions have been extremely valuable to me. Miriam is comfortable with stepping outside of her comfort zone, in order to hit a target. She is tough, direct, motivational and nurturing. Miriam Nabunya is a force to be reckoned with and a resource worth having on your team."

- Nicole Rafiki, artist and curator




The Inspired Action Program is devoted to transforming the way you take action in your life, and we do so through:



  • module 01: Identifying what you really want $ 997 USD

  • module 02: Uncovering limiting beliefs $ 997 USD

  • module 03-05: Reshaping your reality $ 2991 USD

  • module 06-08:  Raising your vibration $ 1994 USD

  • module 09: Taking action towards your desires and goals $ 997 USD

  • module 10: Strengthening your inner connection $ 1247 USD

  • module 11: Activating your feminine energy $ 1247 USD

  • module 12: Maintaining forward momentum $ 997 USD


12X60min 1:1 private coaching sessions(á 297 USD) $ 3564 USD


3X group coaching sessions $ 997 USD




Masterclass 01  $ 1120 USD



Masterclass 02 $ 1120 USD



Masterclass 03 $ 1120 USD



In addition, you also get access to 

  • The Nabunya Tribe Membership

  • Weekly WhatsApp support group





$ 2997 USD


That’s a discount of 84% ​

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Are you still not sure about taking Inspired Action?


What is hesitating to do so costing you:

  • your responsibilities feel more like a punishment than a pleasure

  • lack of structure leading to missed hours of productivity

  • money invested in quick-fix solutions that didn’t work

  • money invested in trying to escape your problems, rather than solving them with an expert

  • It’s costing you your inner peace- which is priceless.

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