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10 Friendships every conscious Millennial woman should have

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Below I have listed ten types of friendships that have helped me to fully step into my true self and live the life that I am so incredibly grateful to have today. I hope they can help you get to know your tribe more and that you may even find yourself on the list:-).

1. The True Ride-or-Die

This person is with you without you even having to ask. She also sees you as somewhat of her moral compass. She is always honest with you even when it hurts, the most important thing is that you know that it is not her intention to hurt you, quite the opposite. She sets everything aside to help you in your time of need and takes you to your word. She is the one who has been through thick and thin with you and will always be in your life; she's your soul sister. You can call her at any time of the day, and she will surely be the godmother to your first child.

2. The independent "hustler"

She is entrepreneurial, inspiring, has her future goals in place and always reminds you of the beautiful and exciting aspects of your life whenever time you start comparing your lives. She is extremely resourceful, fanatically disciplined and is the second person you think of (after your mother / other mother figures) when you hear the word «role model». She is definitely your first stop to talk about your goals and dreams because she will connect you to all the right people and can give you tips on how to get that “upgrade” or “good deal” anywhere, and at any time.

3. The straight-to-the-point

This one is straight to the point and calls a spade a spade. She's a bit like Samantha in "Sex and the City" or Sadé in "An African City." She always has a different perspective on things and always encourages us to learn from our mistakes, to continue to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Easily misunderstood by many yet you know that she is never out to be rude or hurtful, rather, her actions are out of care or justice. She is the perfect "wing-woman".

4. The optimistic cheerleader

This friend's favourite word is "Yes" and sees the positive in most things. She is the one you can always count on for words of encouragement at any time, she is a good listener and she supports all your hopes and dreams, even the crazy ones. She can be a bit conflict shy.

5. The nurturing friend

Very protective, caring and encouraging, whether she is younger or older than you, she is wise beyond her years. She always has something edible to share in case yours or her blood sugar level drops and would easily give you her umbrella if it started to rain and just say that she is made of grit.

6. The Yolo ( this one is somewhat of the joker in the deck)

She knows several party tricks, she can make you laugh until you pee yourself, can get your names on the A-list without even trying, and she has an inexhaustible library of funny stories. She usually has as many guy friends as girl friends and she can make you shift your focus when it feels like everything else is going to hell, she drives you to step out of your comfort zone and break some rules. She is usually an outdoor enthusiast.

7. The unique friendship

She is usually introverted and you share belly- aching- laughter, time disappears when you have your intellectual conversations and she is usually very caring and loyal. You usually meet her alone because she is very private and uses social media just because she has family and friends that live far away that she wants to keep in touch with. She is probably spiritual and often prays for you, your health, your situation and your goals.

8. The one you are forever trying to break up with

The one with bad influences, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. She is not someone you want showing up at your job because she can often be self absorbed and sometimes makes you feel inferior. You have a theory that she is like that because of her own insecurities and deep down you may feel a little sorry for her.

9. The mum

She was born to be a mother or was probably «The Yolo- friend» before she became a mother and it has become the only role she associates herself with. She is caring, comes out for a glass or two a few times a year and then you have a lot of fun together. She is almost impossible to get on a girl's trip, but she is more than happy to follow via Instagram when the children are asleep. She was / is your parent's favourite friend for you because she has always been a voice of reasoning and has kept you out of trouble and other drama.

10. The travel friend

This friend is flexible, solution-oriented and believes life is at its richest when she is in new environments. She is usually culturally intelligent, easy to get along with both in conversation and in silence. She may have been a girl scout when she was younger.

No matter how you became or become friends, you should know that a friend with a different nationality, culture, age, background, interest, education or outlook on life will expand your worldview and enrich your life in ways you could never have imagined. Never forget that we become just like the five people we surround ourselves with.

Gratitude & Love,


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