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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In swedish we have an expression or maybe it’s just an ancient theological term, but anyway, it goes something like; « Hoppet är det sista som lämnar människan, men också det första som behövs för den som vill leva.»

Meaning that;

«Hope is the last thing that abandons a man’s mind, but also the first thing that’s needed for he who wants to live.»

Why hope and why now?

We have all lived through 2020 right!?Just checking. In one way or another, we have all experienced the trying events of the past year in every cell of our bodies. It’s been collectively tough! It felt like every time we were getting the hang of the situation, some new thing happened. It felt like for every step forward, we took three backwards, it’s been exhausting.

I really want to share some ideas about transformation and the advantages of keeping hope as a catalyst for change and humbleness this year.

When Covid-19 reared its head in our societies in mid-march of 2020, we panicked. We all panicked in our own ways.

We were further forced to live online where we developed an ever increasing need for material things, friendship, love, and we sought solutions to our current problems, and asked ourselves IF one day, our departure from this world would be thought of as a loss.

At the beginning of every year, suicide rates increase as life circumstances lead many people to lose all hope and as a result are driven to take their own life, hoping to be freed from the torment.

The feeling of becoming a stranger in our own lives, in the world, and in our own bodies by being deprived of our God-given rights as free men and women is a novel phenomenon for our generation.

Fortunately, as we go into 2021, some of us have taken a good look at our lives and realized that not everything has been going according to plan. Somewhere between each press conference, losing our jobs, home schooling, working remotely and keeping up with necessary daily tasks, we got diverted from our intended paths in life.

Therefore, I ask that you keep hope, please.

Keep it because your life depends on it. If you are a parent, keep it because your children depend on it. Keep it because your sanity depends on it. And most importantly, keep it and allow your circumstances to transform you.

This year, together with changes in our attitude towards ourselves, we shall thrive in spite of our external circumstances, and we shall give ourselves new standards by which to live the life that we long to live.

I truly, truly wish you a transformational 2021.

Gratitude & Love,


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