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The Genuine Existence of The Woman

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Sis, I wish you the happiest women's day with this piece that I wrote about the women on whose shoulders we stand on. The women that have paved the way for me to become the woman that you know today.

*Artwork by the amazing JL Straw

When I think about women, I think about my mum.

"- Miriam, never let anyone make you feel less worthy than you are. You are worth everything this beautiful world has to offer. Never forget that."

Those were the last words my late mother told me the last time I saw her when I was 9 yrs old.

Years later I think about the billions of women who have had to sow seeds in their children. Doing so knowing that they wouldn't be around to see those seeds grow.

I think about their inner pains and their courage.

I think about the strong shoulders that we stand on due to their unconditional love and courageous acts.

I think about the opportunities that my generation has because of the hard work of the women that came before us.

I think about what it means to be a woman.

Being a valuable and yet, a vulnerable member of society.

Being opinionated, ridiculed, articulate, and still strong-willed.

Every woman has their own generational purpose, I stand firm and in awe of mine because of the women that came before me.

I thank them and praise the genuine existence of the woman.

Happy International Women's Day queens.

Gratitude & Love,


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