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We offer project and process management, consulting, stage management and producers. At Nabunya AS we pride ourselves in also providing HR services such as event & production crew & tailor-made VIP-services.

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Management & Consultancy

Event or project organizing with precision, fun, and accountability is not always easy. However, we live for this and for making creative and yet, realistic, solutions for our clients. Together we create a success blueprint for your desired results starting where you feel stuck.


Our extremely experienced management team and consultants can offer advice and practical assistance with the following services:

  • Project and process management

  • Producer

  • Tour management

  • Crew management

  • Stage management

  • Crew staffing

  • In-service training to develop the Guest Relations skills of your staff or volunteers

  • Guest Relations

  • Sourcing contractors

  • Organising transportation and delivery of any necessary equipment

  • Providing all front and back of house management staff

No task is too much trouble and we will make sure your event or project is an enjoyable and stress-free occasion for everyone involved in its organisation.

Management & cosultancy

Nabunya VIP Hospitality

In the planning and execution of an event, artists, keynote speakers, hosts or other entertainers tend to be forgotten. In the sense of seeing, understanding and catering to their needs outside of their actual craft/ expertise.
The Nabunya VIP-team ensures that all aspects of service are executed to the highest standard, from the biggest need to the smallest comfort. 

These VIP-services are particularly suitable for the organizer, management and agency that wishes to provide a desirable full 360-wellness service experience for their act or event’s headliner(s) or keynote speaker(s). 

Past profiles the Nabunya VIP-team has had the pleasure of serving have been both foreign and Norwegian government officials and Heads of states. We’ve also taken care of the biggest entertainers to the youngest treasures of the biggest entertainers.

As a Nabunya client, you rest assured that your VIPs will feel both privileged and well taken care of because we are highly professional, open and transparent with a duty of confidentiality.

Nabunya VIP Hospitality

Nabunya Super-crew

With our in-house trained super-crew, we are known for our exceptional service, calmness, experience, and expertise in all logistical, planning and execution phases. You can be sure that every task is approached and completed with eagerness and care.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can send entire teams of waiting staff, bar staff and management to an event. Alternatively, we can happily send a core team to help coordinate local staff and ensure the service delivered meets your expectations.

Types of staff:

  • Rigging staff

  • Stage managers

  • Bar staff

  • Waiting staff

  • Floor managers

  • Event managers

  • Concession stand workers

  • Ushers

  • Ticket-takers

Nabunya Super-crew
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