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I am Miriam Nabunya, a transformation Coach, Consultant, Storyteller, and Founder of Nabunya A/S.

I help individuals and leaders transform their mindset to reach their personal and professional potential, and unapologetically becoming more of who they are. I am also dedicated to improving the culture and entertainment industry's internal collaboration and productivity through Its leader’s mental and emotional well-being through my monthly Nabunya A/S newsletter.

I am passionate about writing and storytelling in the space of transformation, inner-potential, leadership, happiness, and well-being from a personal, professional, and psychological basis.

A Transformational Coaching process is In broad terms, a coaching space where I explore my coachee's view of the world, view of self, and your relationships. This will involve looking at your current set of assumptions around things that matter most to you, your beliefs, your values, your use of language, and what this reveals around your view of the world, the stories that have been created in your life and how this affects how you live.

Thus as a Transformational Coach, I provide a space to improve your self-awareness and to see yourself afresh. This root-cause approach in turn can help to facilitate profound change in your life, more so than in other traditional forms of life coaching.

Transformation mindset

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Get ready to transform the narrative of your life and later, your reality.