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Work With Me


Personalised 1:1 coaching session
90 minutes

  • Tailormade solutions for you

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs

  • Reshaping your reality

  • 131 USD/ Per session (Incl. vat)
    *Amount in your currency can vary depending on the
    current exchange rate.

Golden Steel Plate

1:1 introduction
coaching session
30 minutes

  • Complimentary session

  • Perfect for those curious about coaching and self betterment .png

Join The Tribe

Fasting workbook (4).png

    and you will be accessing the following perks:

  • Accountability & Encouragement

  • Monthly masterclasses

  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions

  • Exclusive Tips, Rituals & Members only Content

  • Access to book 1:1 Sessions with me at a special price

  • Early Access to Sales & New Products

  • Exclusive Pricing on Digital Products & Resources

  • Quarterly Giveaways

Golden Steel Plate

Talks & Masterclasses

Miriam Nabunya uses custom made tools, and shares stories of challenge and success to inspire action either digitally or in-person.

Miriam Nabunya Pres pic 1.jpg

The Inspired Action 12 week program

  • Identifying what you really want

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs

  • Reshaping your reality

  • Raising your vibration

  • Taking action towards your desires and goals

  • Strengthening your inner connection

  • Activating your feminine energy

  • Maintaining forward momentum

Are you ready to be inspired by your future opportunities, rather than weighed down by your past choices?
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