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In this lecture, Miriam takes us on the journey that has shaped her into the sister, friend, social contributor, and above all, of the leader and coach she is today. 

Miriam gives you concrete thought-provoking exercises that you can use in your own life to turn chaos into clarity. You get tools that help you lead yourself and gain a new perspective when you lead others. 


Finding the balance between the personal and the professional is Miriam's unique expertise as a speaker. 


Her story and life experiences contain laughter, tears and hope. But by making some conscious choices, she got a good and meaningful continuation, both personally and career-wise. It is among other things these choices and experiences she shares in this lecture. 


It's a journey to be inspired by and an emotional roller coaster, which finally lands on a really good note. 


You will not want to miss this personal inspirational talk. 

The Art of finding structure in the chao

The lecture is offered in Swedish and English and is of course online.

Contact, to get advice as to which course would be best for you. 

About the lecturer and workshop holder Miriam Nabunya

Miriam Nabunya is the founder and managing director of Nabunya A/S, lecturer and Transformation Mindset Coach. She believes that we can train our minds so that we can achieve the ability to overcome all barriers we face in life.

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